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IntelliSource Technologies provides you with end-to-end Android development services for building robust mobile applications for your users. In the age of digitization, the use of mobile applications is inevitable. Google Play Store is full of applications pertaining to almost every industry and sector around the world. Irrespective of the scale at which you operate or the industry that you belong to, we can help you develop and deploy innovative mobile applications as your Android development company.

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Why Choose Our Android App Development Services?

IntelliSource Technologies comprises of a team of skilled and experienced app developers. Our developers would stay in sync with your project and its timeline throughout the development and deployment of your Android application. We would also assign a suitable Project Manager to manage the team and overlook the development process. All our professionals are highly approachable and would provide you with personalized support whenever you are in need.

Our Android app developers possess years of professional experience and are well-versed with the security vulnerabilities on the Android platform. We employ the best security protocols to resolve these vulnerabilities by architecting your application with powerful security layers. This approach towards app security keeps your business data secure and private.
Our app development services are 100% transparent as we share complete details regarding your project with your team. You can be rest assured that no action will be taken without your prior consent and you would be updated about every milestone achieved throughout your project. Moreover, we would provide you with detailed reports about your project on a regular basis to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
As a trusted Android development company, we provide you with affordable services that prevent you from spending a fortune on getting your application developed. We provide you with a quote that is in sync with your budgetary needs before starting your project.
Our developers help you build scalable Android applications that can be adjusted readily based on the changing dynamics of your business. Whether you are looking to scale your venture up or down, we ensure that the functionality of your application can be tailored according to your needs.
We believe in sticking to the deadlines agreed upon during the initial planning stages. Rest assured that the development and deployment of your application would be carried out well on time. In case there are any unexpected delays in the project, you will be informed about the same in advance along with the reasons for the same.

Steps Involved In
Android App Development


Need Assessment And Planning

We start by analyzing your business needs and the objectives that you are looking to achieve. Based on your objectives, we would help you prepare an extensive action plan and a dedicated project timeline. Here, our experts would set the milestones to be achieved, the KPIs to focus on, and metrics to use, and all other parameters necessary for your project.


App Design And Development

Once the action plan is in place, we proceed with designing the application. Here, we add elements like graphics, icons, and suitable features to make your application visually appealing. Along with this, our developers would build the functionality and features to make the application functional. If needed, we would build multiple prototypes and an MVP for your application before developing the final version.


QA And Testing

Once your application is developed and approved, we would test its functionality to ensure that it meets all your requirements. At this stage, we would check your app for bugs, troubleshoot all technical issues, and provide the finishing touches to your Android application.


Final Deployment

Finally, we would help you deploy your Android application and make it available in the Play Store. If the application is to be used by your internal team, we would assist you with smooth user adoption as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on your needs and preferences, we would assign a skilled and capable Project Manager for your application. They would overlook the entire app development process and provide you with all possible assistance needed for your project. The Project Manager and our developers would keep you updated about the different stages of your project and seek your approval whenever required.

IntelliSource Technologies understands the specific requirements of your business and helps you build an application that stands out from the clutter. We focus on innovation and never encourage going with generic first thoughts. The market acumen and technical skills of our app developers would help you build an innovative application that provides users with the intended value.

Our team uses a range of different tools and technologies for developing an application, including Android NDK, SQLite, XML, Android SDK, Realm, and more.
Yes, we do! Our services do not end with your Android app being developed and deployed. We provide you with a range of post-development services that involve quality training, maintenance, user adoption, app upgrades, and ensuring optimal use of the application. You can feel free to reach out to us at any time for any assistance even after your application has been deployed.
There is no fixed cost for our Android development services. The final price depends on a range of different factors, including the services you are looking for, the platforms you need for deployment, the tools used for development, and more. However, you can rest assured that we would analyze your requirements and provide you with a personalized quote that is in sync with your budget.

Yes, IntelliSource Technologies would partner with you if you are willing to provide Android development services to your clients. We would get in touch with your clients, understand their specific requirements, and help them develop applications as per their needs and preferences. Rest assured that we would always recommend the right solution to your clients and help you strengthen your relationship with them.

Have A Vision In Mind?

We have a way to get you there.