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Build, deploy, and maintain highly responsive AngularJS applications to get a step closer to your business goals with our AngularJS development services.

If you are willing to build an application that helps you stand out from the clutter and get you the traction you have always desired, you have landed on just the right page! IntelliSource Technologies is your trusted AngularJS development company that helps you build and deploy robust applications based on your needs and preferences.

Our team of talented and experienced developers is trained in understanding the nitty-gritty details about the development framework and helping you build feature-rich, single-page, and cross-platform applications. With user-friendly features and interactive UI, we ensure that you provide a fulfilling experience to your users through your AngularJS application.

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AngularJS Development Services

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Why Choose Our AngularJS Development Services?

Our services are provided by a team of dedicated, skilled, and capable AngularJS developers with years of professional experience. Our developers and project managers would guide you throughout your project and resolve all your queries. Every single employee at IntelliSource Technologies is highly approachable and you shouldn’t hesitate before reaching out to any one of us!

Our AngularJS development services ensure the complete security of the platform built. All the apps designed and developed by us are resilient to HTTP-level vulnerabilities, cross-site scripting attacks, server-side attacks, and other threats. Right from the beginning of your project, we prioritize the security of your AngularJS application to be built by avoiding high-risk APIs, preventing XSS, and staying away from customizing Angular files.
We would never make you feel alien to your AngularJS development project by keeping you updated throughout its course. After every stage, our project managers would provide you with updates, reports, and feedback to keep you in the loop.
In order to assess our AngularJS development services, we focus on the best possible performance metrics such as business transactions, memory leaks, event loops, application topology, external dependencies, and more. This would help you quantify the success of your project and help you make important business decisions.

Steps Involved In
AngularJS Development


Analysis Of Business Requirements

As your AngularJS development company, each of our projects starts with gathering specific business requirements and analyzing them. Here, we understand what the users need, what features you are willing to add, what the scope of your project is, and how the overall project should look like. This is also the stage where we assign a suitable Project Manager for your project who would help you chart out an action plan with a dedicated project timeline.


Wireframing And UI/UX Design

After analyzing your business requirements, we go ahead with mapping out the target UI or flow for the AngularJS application to be built. Through wireframing, our designers provide you with a skeletal framework for your application. If required, we would create design prototypes for the application and polish the same before heading towards app development.


App Development

Based on the approved app design, we would start programming your AngularJS application. Our developers would help you build the frontend and backend for your application as per the action plan.


QA And App Testing

Once your application is built, we would conduct a thorough quality assessment to ensure that the platform matches your standards and requirements. We also assist you in identifying testing scenarios, developing test cases, and debugging the application to ensure high performance.


App Deployment And Maintenance

Finally, we help you deploy your AngularJS application and get it listed on the marketplace. We would make the application live for the end-users and analyze their feedback to make necessary changes to your application. Moreover, our professionals would create a robust maintenance plan to manage your application after deployment, taking care of app upgrades, health checks, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed amount that it takes to build an AngularJS application. It depends on the type of services you want to avail yourself of and the scope of your project. On average, it takes around 8 to 12 weeks for an AngularJS application to be developed. This can vary based on app customizations, integrations, features added, and the functionalities of your application. However, you can be rest assured that we would stick to our project timeline and make timely deliveries.
Yes. Your business idea and data will be secure with us. Before we start with our services, we sign an NDA with you to keep your data protected with us. Also, all our services are provided by a team of in-house developers who are bound by a contract of non-disclosure of information with us. Be rest assured that your valuable business data would be secure with us throughout the course of your development project.
Yes. You will have the code authority of your project upon its completion. As our services terminate, we would hand over the control and ownership of the application to you and your team. Along with the code authority, you would also have rights to intellectual property, copyright, and source code.
Usually, our clients prefer managing web hosting by themselves. However, if you need external help in hosting your AngularJS applications, you can avail of our consultation services to find an ideal hosting partner for your project.

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