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Top 18 Mobile App Plugins That Will Make Your App Successful In 2022

BY: Siddharth Jetly

Top 18 Mobile App Plugins That Will Make Your App Successful In 2022

In the age of digitization, the use of mobile applications is immense. Right from ordering their favorite food items and staying connected with their loved ones to collaborating with their office peers and handling business processes, there is a mobile application for everything. According to Statista, mobile users had an option of choosing among 3.48 million applications available on Google Play during the first quarter of 2021. This implies that a plethora of businesses availed themselves of Android app development services throughout the year. The Apple App Store was not too far behind with 2.22 million apps available on its portal during the same time.

This makes it clear that the competition across industries in terms of developing quality mobile applications is immense. With the use of the right mobile app plugins, you can create targeted and powerful applications in a fast and effective manner. Mobile plugins often save app developers from undertaking tedious and time-consuming development processes, allowing them to attain the specific objectives of their clients.

Looking at the trend of increasing digitization across all major industries, it is safe to say that the relevance of developing mobile applications is going to continue as we head further into 2022.

Here are some of the best and most effective mobile app plugins that would help you build robust and scalable mobile applications in 2022:

1. Home Page Grid Layout

It is always important to get the home page right while developing a mobile application. A well-made home page allows users to navigate effectively throughout the application. Home Page Grid Layout is a plugin that allows you to design the home page of your application based on your specific needs and preferences. The plugin allows users to reach specific destinations within your application from the home page in a simple and effective manner. It also allows you to add buttons that facilitate seamless navigation within the application. Being a free plugin, you can rest assured that it would not add to your overall mobile app development cost.

2. Cascade Gallery

This plugin allows users to visualize the images stored within their mobile phones with five tailored rings surrounded through the plugin. It facilitates a seamless transition of the pictures to a customized gallery or album of the users’ choice.

3. Image Gallery And Info Slider

As the name suggests, this plugin provides you with features for image development and gives you specific information for the apps stored within your mobile. While using this plugin for featuring photos in your application, you can add pictures to the app by showing users one image at a time. The plugin also allows users to navigate through different images stored within the device in the way of a slideshow.

4. Google Slides

Google Slides is an Android app plugin that allows users to create seamless and aesthetic presentations. It provides you with a range of different themes animations and fonts for your presentation. It also allows users to infuse their video content to make their presentations look more appealing. Google Slides is free to download and can be used to enhance the application you are willing to develop.


When it comes to designing and developing a mobile application, text content plays a very important role. This plugin allows users to add text to their mobile applications effectively. Along with text content, Text WYSIWYG provides you with additional videos, images, and forms that can be added to their applications. Moreover, the plugin can be used as an HTML editor for making necessary changes within the application. Text WYSIWYG is free of cost and you can start working on the same simply by downloading it.

6. Choice Homepage

Choice Homepage is an interesting and interactive plugin that allows you to ask a question to the users before they land on the home page. It can be used to provide a customized app experience to the users by making them reach a tailor-made homepage based on the answer provided by them. However, the question does not reappear every time a user logs into the application. It remembers the preferences and saves the actions of the users once they provide the answers.

7. WebView

WebView is a mobile app plugin that allows users to create exclusive designs for their applications. It helps you connect directly through the online content in the links mentioned in your applications and maintain the app experience externally. With WebView, you can link multiple web pages, documents, and other forms of content to your mobile application.

8. YouTube

Adding video content to your applications allows you to make them more interactive in nature. App users are likely to spend more time on an application if relevant videos keep them engaged throughout. Whether you are willing to add explainer videos to your application or simply want to entertain the users, the YouTube plugin allows you to add videos to your mobile app in a simple and effective manner.

If you want to keep the users updated, you can use the plugin to automatically share videos on your applications as they are added to your YouTube channel. It also provides users with multiple designing tools that help with targeted mobile app development.

9. Optimized Format Media RSS Feed

It is common for new developers to face difficulties in arranging different content on the applications as they build them. It is always important to add all relevant elements to your application to ensure its seamless performance. Optimized Format Media RSS Feed helps developers enhance the content posted on the applications for the regular media RSS feed. It displays all the elements and contents of a concerning application to the users in a systematic manner, irrespective of its format.

10. WebView Popup Service

This plugin is not too different from the WebView plugin discussed above, at least when it comes to the user experience. Just like WebView, this plugin allows applications to open and offer external links within the system.

11. Questionnaire

Questionnaires are often used by marketers to understand the specific likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences of customers. Similarly, the Questionnaire plugin allows you to improve user experience and engagement by asking specific questions to the users. The plugin can be used for creating polls, quizzes, or straightforward questions for serving multiple purposes. Questionnaires are often used by organizations to obtain feedback from the users as they operate on their applications. The results can be used for making necessary changes to the applications with the intention to improve their functionality.

12. On The Go Push

Push notifications allow app developers to keep the users informed and drive engagement without the need to open the applications on their respective mobile devices. On The Go Push allows users to design and send personalized push notifications to users from anywhere. All you need to do is open the application, type in the message, and hit “send.”

13. Drip Notification

This is another mobile app plugin used for sending push notifications to users. However, it is a little different from On The Go Push. This plugin is used specifically to engage users who have not opened the application in a while. It allows you to set triggers, schedules, and timers to send push notifications to users for reminding them about the app and persuading them to engage with the same.

14. File Manager

This is one of the most basic yet important mobile app plugins used by developers across the board. As the name suggests, the plugin allows users to organize and manage the files stored on their respective mobile devices. Right from adding new content to editing and deleting files, File Manager helps users look after their images, documents, and videos in the best way possible.

15. Google Sheets

Google Sheets has already created its niche in the industry and is a fairly popular plugin for mobile app development. Ideal for data-intensive applications, Google Sheets can be used for creating graphs, charts, and maintaining records of data, along with all the functionalities of a digital spreadsheet.

16. Action Items Folder

Action Items Folder is a plugin that facilitates seamless navigation within applications. It helps users create an expandable and searchable list of items and displays a pre-description of objects to them. This list comes with a link button that allows users to move from one screen to the next within the application.

17. Realtime Chat

Realtime Chat is a simple and straightforward plugin that allows users to chat with each other in real-time, individually as well as in groups.

18. Time Release Content

Time Release Content is a plugin that allows you to schedule specific content to be made available on the application for specific users. It prevents developers from keeping a manual track of changes to be made and content to be released on the application after specific time intervals.

The Final Word

These were some of the most popular and important mobile app plugins that would facilitate successful app development and deployment in 2022. Make sure that you choose the right plugin(s) for your application based on the users you are targeting and the objectives you are willing to achieve.

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