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Build innovative, scalable, and robust mobile applications having seamless user experience with our iOS app development services.

Over time, the relevance and prominence of iOS applications has increased significantly. Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives, whether they are used for personal or professional services. Our iOS app development services are designed to help you build and deploy responsive and powerful mobile applications that provide the intended value to your customers.

As your iOS app development company, IntelliSource Technologies understands the objectives you want to achieve and the customers you are willing to target for developing tailor-made applications for your business.

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Why Choose Our iOS App Development Services?

Our iOS app development services are provided by a team of skilled and dedicated developers having years of professional experience. Based on the requirements of your project, we would assign you a suitable Project Manager who is well-versed in this domain. Moreover, our iOS app developers are highly approachable and always willing to provide you with personalized assistance whenever you are in need.

All our services are provided by a team of in-house developers. We do not outsource any of our iOS app development services. You can be rest assured that every line of code would be written by the in-house developers working at IntelliSource Technologies.

All our iOS app developers help you build and deploy customized mobile applications with agile methodology. These processes involve the iterative development of applications where the developers focus on effective collaboration between teams to cater to your personalized requirements. Through agile methodology, we facilitate iOS app development with minimized risks, maximum velocity, and improved overall efficiency.
Our team of iOS app developers helps you build mobile applications from scratch. Right from conceptualization to final deployment, we assist you in the full-cycle development of applications based on your requirements.
Along with getting your mobile application developed, we help you deploy the same to the Apple App Store to officially put you on the map. Getting listed on the App Store allows you to reach out to your customers and prospects in a holistic manner.

Our team provides you with personalized support throughout your project. Whether you have any queries, face any confusion, or are not able to understand complicated aspects of app development, you can always reach out to our developers to get your issues resolved.

Also, we ensure effective maintenance of your iOS mobile application once it is developed and deployed. This includes keeping track of updates, fixing bugs, and managing ongoing version releases.

Our iOS app development services are applicable for all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, tvOS, and watchOS. Whether you are willing to develop a single app for multiple devices or a device-specific application, our developers help you in building and deploying applications as per your needs.
In order to streamline your business processes, we facilitate seamless integration of iOS apps with your in-house systems. Whether you want an integration with ERP, HRM, CRM, or SCM, we help you synchronize data between the required platforms to provide users with a centralized experience.

Steps Involved In
iOS App Development


Gathering Requirements

Once we are on board, our professionals would gather specific requirements regarding your project. Here, we would collect information regarding the users you are targeting, the processes you want to focus on, the budget you are willing to allocate, and more. The data collected at this stage would help us create an action plan.


Creating An Action Plan

Once we have all the required data, we would create a robust action plan and assign a Project Manager. Our Project Manager would take the lead and assist you in creating a project timeline with the milestones to be achieved. We would also help you ascertain the KPIs to focus on and the metrics to be used for measuring the progress. This plan would serve as a blueprint of your project and give everyone a clear sense of direction.


Creating Wireframes And App Design

Once we are thorough with the action plan, we would go ahead with creating wireframes for the iOS application to be developed. This would provide you with an overview and a skeletal framework of your application. This is also the stage where our developers would undertake UX/UI design based on your needs and requirements.


Developing And Testing The Application

Once the design is ready and approved, we would go ahead with developing your iOS application. If required, we would build prototypes for the app and launch MVP before the final application is ready. Once you have approved the final version of the application, we would go ahead with testing the same. App testing would help us get rid of technical issues, ensure the seamless performance of the application, and provide final touches to it.


Deployment And Launch

Finally, when your iOS application is ready, we help you deploy it to make it available to the end-users on the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken for an iOS mobile application to be developed depends on a range of factors, including the tools to be used, the time taken for approvals, the number of prototypes created, and more. Ideally, it takes 1-2 months for an iOS application to be developed. This timeline can vary based on individual projects. However, you can be rest assured that we will stick to all deadlines and deliver the project on or before the due date.
Unfortunately, we do not provide a guarantee for your application to be accepted by Apple. However, we try our best to reduce the possibility of facing any rejections. All our previous collaborations have proved that we have been successful in getting the iOS applications deployed and listed on Apple App Store successfully. The QA and testing services offered by our team do not leave any room for rejection.
Our iOS app developers use Objective-C and C as programming languages for developing iOS applications. We also make use of the XCode Platform as Apple provides support for C++ on the latest version of XCode.
Absolutely! We maintain complete transparency while providing our iOS app development services. You can be rest assured that we would share information about all the steps followed throughout the development process with you and your team. No decision would be taken without your consent.
Our services ensure complete security and privacy of your valuable business data. All our iOS app development services are provided by in-house developers who sign a non-disclosure agreement with us. Also, the contract we sign while entering into an agreement with you would ensure that all your records are safe with us.
Yes, you can partner with us to provide iOS app development services to your clients. Our team of skilled app developers would understand their requirements and help them build robust iOS applications. We aim at guiding you in every step of the way to ensure that our services would help you strengthen your relationship with your clients.

Have A Vision In Mind?

We have a way to get you there.