Developing Robust Logistics and Transportation Solutions

We provide you with personalized software solutions to deliver quality goods on time and with the utmost efficiency.

IntelliSource Technologies helps you develop personalized and robust logistics and transportation solutions that utilize the best technologies for enhancing your deliveries. Right from improving your storage processes to facilitating seamless shipping, our solutions are tailored to handle a range of different processes by driving digitization within your organization.

Our logistics and transportation solutions help you stay in sync with the evolving needs of businesses around the world when it comes to managing their supply chains and improving their logistics. Right from ideation and development to implementation and integration, our tech experts take care of a number of processes to help you leverage your business.

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We Provide State-Of-The-Art Logistics and Transportation Software Solutions

Managing your supply chain is the key to successful logistics and transportation. Our software solutions help you identify risks to avoid and opportunities to win while managing your supply chain. We help you personalize your processes and allow you continuous visibility into the same.

Our tailor-made solutions help you identify key inefficiencies, optimize your inventory, cut down costs, and make intelligent data-driven business decisions. By incorporating smart data analytics into our solutions, we allow you to make sense of your complicated data and optimize processes like procurement, demand/capacity planning, distribution, warehouse operations, and purchase order flow.

Some of the features of our supply management and analytics solutions include:

  • Management Information System (MIS) integration
  • Order processing analysis
  • Fulfillment visibility analysis
  • Demand forecast analysis
  • Warehousing and distribution analysis
  • Personalized KPIs
  • Role-based access control

Our fleet management solutions involve the designing and development of software that facilitates synchronization, optimization, and visibility of your distribution line. Right from building simple solutions like GPS tracking to facilitating personalized freight management, we help you implement tech tools that best suit your requirements.

Our fleet management solutions are designed to reduce driver downtime, idle time, and vehicle management costs. They also help you enhance the productivity of your distribution line to obtain the desired results.

Some of the features of our fleet management solutions include:

  • GPS integration
  • Real-time cargo tracking
  • Automated vehicle and driver management
  • Insightful data analytics and reporting
  • Route optimization
  • Fleet telematics system

We understand how important a role warehousing plays in the realm of logistics. Our warehouse management software solutions help you automate repetitive processes and enhance your dynamic supply chain.

We implement customized inventory management modules that provide you with greater transparency and better insights into your storage facilities. This allows you to enhance visibility, security, and resource management across all your warehouses. Our solutions are designed to help your staff manage inbound and outbound shipments from a centralized platform. Moreover, we help you develop software for managing complicated distribution chains and reducing operational overheads.

The key features of our warehouse management software solutions include:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration
  • Dynamic product inventory catalogs
  • Optimization of slots
  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Real-time scanning and tracking of inventory
  • Mobile customizations

Our logistics and transportation software solutions ensure that your customers get their orders on time. Right from efficient driver deployment and automated billing to automated order processing and delivery tracking, our software solutions help you manage end-to-end transportation of your goods.

The key features of our dispatch and delivery management solutions include:

  • Delivery executive KYC
  • Integrating proof of delivery
  • Automated billing support
  • Real-time updates on inventory and delivery
  • Automated pick-up and delivery schedules
  • Automated route optimization

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