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Set up and manage your eCommerce venture by building a robust platform with our Magento development services.

As digitization increases steadily, so does the tendency of customers to make online purchases. Right from buying groceries to high-end electric gadgets, people prefer browsing through online stores instead of visiting a brick-and-mortar showroom. If you are willing to enter the world of eCommerce or leverage your existing online storefront, we provide you with end-to-end Magento development services.

Magento is a highly effective and user-friendly eCommerce platform that provides a plethora of benefits to online merchants. With better functionalities, it offers you greater control over your eCommerce venture, helping you manage your orders seamlessly. The open-source technology also provides users with powerful SEO, marketing, and catalog-management tools.

As your Magento development company, we understand your specific requirements and provide you with personalized eCommerce solutions to leverage your online storefronts. Right from creating custom web designs to providing you with holistic consultancy, we help your business stand out from the clutter.

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Why Choose Our Magento Development Services?

All our services are provided by a team of skilled Magento developers who have garnered years of experience in the industry. Our developers and project managers are trained in the latest skills and technologies to provide you with holistic services and help you stay in sync with the ongoing trends in the market.
We have always prioritized the use of clean code for developing websites and web applications for your organization. All our Magento development services adhere to the Magento coding standards to ensure fair, effective, and precise Magento development. Moreover, we provide code audit services to clients whenever we acquire new customers.
In the age of digitization, businesses around the world are getting increasingly dynamic with ever-evolving needs. Our Magento development services evolve as your business evolves. The use of relevant and modern technologies allows you to build scalable platforms and manage the same as your business grows over time.
All our services ensure the utmost security and privacy of your business data. We undertake regular system audits and health checks to identify potential issues and get rid of the same. This allows you to steer away from unwanted security breaches and revenue losses that may be caused due to SEO mismanagement, UX imperfections, or lack of performance.

At IntelliSource Technologies, we ensure complete transparency in all our services. Be rest assured that our team would not take any step without your prior consent. You would be kept in the loop throughout the course of your project with all important details being provided to you.

Steps Involved In
Magento Development


Discussing Project Requirements

As you reach out to us for our Magento development services, our team would discuss the major project requirements and assess your business needs. Here, we would understand the goals you are willing to achieve, the services you are looking for, the budget you are willing to allocate, and other important aspects of your project.


Creating An Action Plan

After discussing your project requirements, we help you develop an action plan for your Magento development project. Based on your business needs, our project managers would create a project timeline and identify the milestones to be achieved along the way. This provides us with a sense of direction and a blueprint for the entire project.


Selecting Engagement Terms

Once the action plan is ready, you are required to choose the engagement terms and sign an SLA agreement with us. This allows us to provide you with all necessary clauses and disclaimers before we start working on your project.


Service Execution

Once we are through with the engagement terms and the contract, we would start executing our services right away. Depending on the services you have chosen, we help you build a website, integrate Magento, facilitate Magento migration, or provide Magento consulting through our dedicated Magento experts.


Support And Maintenance

As your Magento development company, we provide you with continuous support and maintenance even after our services are executed. We ensure that you get the desired results and provide a seamless user experience to your customers/prospects as they visit your online storefronts.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed cost for our Magento development services as it depends on a number of different factors, including the services you are looking for, the tools/technologies used, the platforms to be designed/developed, and more. Based on your needs and preferences, we would come up with a personalized quote that is in sync with your budgetary needs and share the same with you.
We provide you with detailed reports on a regular basis during and after the execution of your project. During the planning stage, we identify the metrics to be used for assessing our performance and quantifying the results obtained. This allows you to ascertain how effective our services have been and the ROI you are likely to generate from the project. Our reports would also help you make important business decisions regarding the management of your eCommerce venture.
During the course of your Magento development project, you can get in touch with any of our team members for any information relevant to the project. However, to make communication simpler and more effective, we recommend reaching out to the project development manager assigned to you as your single point of contact. They would provide you with personalized assistance and get all your issues resolved as efficiently as possible.
Yes. All our Magento development services are provided by a team of in-house employees.
Yes. We would transfer the ownership of all the source files to you once the project is completed. We do not keep any source code to ourselves. Be rest assured that once your project is completed, you would have complete control over your eCommerce venture and storefront without any threat to the security of your valuable business data.
Our services are suitable for organizations operating at all scales and belong to all major industries around the world. If you run a startup or a small and growing business, we would tailor our services to suit your specific needs and the goals you are aiming for.
Yes. We provide staff augmentation services for Magento development. Here, our developers would work in sync with your in-house development team for your projects. If you are willing to outsource the work to be done on a specific section of your project, we also provide you with a dedicated team of employees and a suitable Project Manager for the same.

Have A Vision In Mind?

We have a way to get you there.