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.NET is one of the most popular and commonly used development frameworks around the world. A number of businesses belonging to all operational scales use this framework to build a variety of software. Our .NET development services are designed to help you create business-specific software based on the objectives you are looking to achieve. Through end-to-end .NET development, we help you reach out to your customers and prospects in the best way possible and get you the traction you are looking for.

.NET framework is commonly used for building software, web-based applications, and web services. Right from developing mobile applications to creating video games, the framework allows developers to create software applications with language interoperability. Launched as a proprietary software development platform, .NET has evolved into a Fully-featured application framework that is now preferred by a vast community of developers.

Benefits Of ASP.NET Development

High Flexibility

Hiring a reliable NET development company would help you build software applications with high flexibility. The .NET framework allows developers to work with a range of different types of applications running on different platforms. In the age of digitization, it is important to have a flexible approach to developing software to stay in tune with the latest technological advancements.

Use Of Modern Language Constructions

.NET development allows you to build applications and services that are in sync with the current industry trends with its use of modern language constructions. The framework makes use of object-oriented programming languages, Web APIs, LINQ, and asynchronous programming to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the software developed.

High Software Performance

.NET helps you in leveraging the performance of the software applications developed with fast response time and less power utilization. Moreover, .NET applications are capable of handling as many as 6.97 million requests per second, making them high on performance and productivity.

High Software Security

.NET provides layered security to the applications and services developed using its proprietary framework. Due to its managed runtime, .NET allows developers to prevent unwanted and unprecedented issues like attempts to change the compiled code or bad pointer manipulation.

A Global Ecosystem

The increasing relevance, popularity, and development of .NET has led to the emergence of a global community of software developers. This shared ecosystem helps new developers and organizations to optimize their framework and get their issues resolved.

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ASP.NET Development Architecture

Based on the software you are willing to build and the objectives you want to achieve, we help you in
choosing an ideal development architecture for your project.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture allows developers to structure a software application as a collection of different services that are highly maintainable and testable. Here, developers work with services that are loosely coupled, independently deployable, and owned by a small team.

This architecture is ideal for new ASP.NET development projects that require fresh components and a microservices infrastructure that supports continuous deployment and updates.

Multi-tier Architecture

As the name suggests, the multi-tier architecture allows developers to build a software application with more than one layer, separating the presentation-specific, business-specific and data-specific layers. In other words, any application that needs to be scalable can be built using this architecture.

Multi-tier architecture is generally suitable for small and medium sized development projects where the focus is more on speed than features. Working on multiple layers for developing an ASP.NET web application facilitates better QA, software testing, and maintenance.

Cloud-native Architecture

Cloud-native architecture is essentially a design methodology that allows developers to use cloud-based services like Azure, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, AWS, and more. It facilitates agile and dynamic development of software applications with a modular approach to building, deploying, and updating them using a suite of cloud-based microservices.

Cloud-native architecture is ideal for building large-scale applications that need greater scalability and better interconnectivity.

Why Choose Our .NET Development Services?

Our team comprises skilled and capable .NET developers with years of professional experience. All our developers are trained in developing business-specific ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC software applications for all major industries.
Our .NET development service starts by conducting an in-depth analysis of your business needs. Our developers and project managers provide you with personalized services tailored according to your specific needs and preferences.
You can be rest assured that we will deliver your project on a timely basis. Our software professionals are trained in sticking to the project timeline and completing their tasks on time without compromising on the quality of their services.
Our services include continuous support before, during, and after the development of your software. Moreover, once your software is developed, we handle the updates to ensure that the users use the latest version at all times.
Our NET development service is designed for all kinds of end-users. Whether you are willing to build B2B, B2C, or B2E software application, we help you develop responsive applications based on the users you target. Our developers are trained in building and deploying commercial as well as non-commercial software based on the requirements of your customers.
We care about your budgetary needs and provide cost-effective .NET development services. Based on the funds that you are willing to invest and the services you want to avail of, we create a personalized proposal for your business that is in sync with your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our .NET development service involves developing the following software:

  • ASP.NET Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Cross-platform applications
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Cloud-based applications
  • APIs
  • Content Management Systems
  • SaaS or XaaS software

We follow three major cooperation models – staff augmentation, dedicated .NET developers, and full-cycle .NET development.

The staff augmentation model involves some of our .NET developers working with your in-house professionals in a single team. In the dedicated .NET developers’ model, we provide you with a dedicated team of developers along with a Project Manager. This team would take the responsibility of looking after a specific section of your development project.

Finally, our full-cycle .NET development service involves our designers, developers, and project managers handling the whole of your development project.

We do not compromise on our coding practices and focus on them to provide you with efficient services. Some of the coding practices followed by our .NET developers include:

  • Staying in sync with the .NET coding guidelines
  • Staying in sync with the data security practices
  • Handling code documentation
  • Splitting code into short and focused units
  • Using suitable version control tools
  • Ensuring code portability

Yes. We implement suitable code review practices, including:

  • Ad hoc review
  • Code walkthrough
  • Code inspection
  • Peer review

The code quality metrics used by our team include:

  • Depth of inheritance
  • Class coupling
  • Maintainability index
  • Cyclomatic complexity
Yes. We help our clients migrate to cloud-based platforms by facilitating the re-architecture of their .NET software. In the age of digitization, more and more businesses are switching from legacy platforms to modern cloud-based alternatives. If you are willing to do so, we would help you migrate to a suitable cloud platform without hampering your business logic. This would help you improve the performance of your .NET software and reduce IT infrastructure costs to a great extent.
The cost of our .NET development service depends on a variety of factors, including the service you are looking for, the cooperation model chosen, the application to be created, and tools/technologies to be used, and more. However, based on your specific requirements, we would generate a personalized quote and give you a proposal for the same. All our services are priced to the budgetary requirements of our clients.
We ensure complete security and privacy of our clients’ data while providing them with our services. All our services are provided by a team of in-house professionals who sign a non-disclosure agreement with us. We maintain complete transparency throughout the course of your project and make no decision without consulting you. Moreover, the contract we sign with you before starting with your project would include the clauses that ensure total security and privacy of your business data.

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