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Relieve yourself from the burden of in-house development through our software development outsourcing services.
In the age of digitization, the need for software development is substantial. Businesses operating in all major industries and belonging to all operational scales need responsive software platforms to streamline their processes. Gone are the days when in-house software development was the best (and the only) approach to building and deploying software applications. Over time, software development outsourcing has become more relevant across industries due to the flexibility and scalability of processes.

Holistic Software Development Outsourcing Services

IntelliSource Technologies is a software development outsourcing company that provides you with personalized and scalable solutions. We help you get rid of the roadblocks encountered during in-house development by offering you software development services on demand.

As soon as we are on board, we would understand your business requirements, create an action plan, and start with your projects right away. Our team of software developers indulges in developing and deploying software platforms that help you achieve all your objectives.

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Why Is Software Development Outsourcing The Need Of The Hour?

Especially in the case of small and growing businesses, it is important to undertake software development in a cost-effective manner. Hiring an in-house team of developers requires you to pay them salaries on a regular basis, along with a plethora of perks and rewards. With in-house software developers, organizations often end up paying them even for the hours during which there were no projects to work on.

Software development outsourcing helps you get rid of these issues as it involves a contract-based approach. When you hire developers on a contractual basis, you need not pay them salaries or any other rewards as they are not associated with your company for a longer period of time. Also, outsourcing software development requires you to pay the employees only for the work they do as the services are availed of on an on-demand basis. This allows you to save a significant amount of money that could be invested in other productive areas.

In the age of digitization, no geographical restrictions come into play when you outsource software development. Working with only in-house developers often restricts your choices as you may need your employees to collaborate with each other in person.

On the other hand, outsourcing your software development projects helps you widen the horizon. If you are looking for a software development outsourcing company, you can choose to work with developers operating from any corner of the world. This provides you with more choices that meet the specific criteria for your development projects.

In the 21st century, you need to focus on innovation to stand out from your competition and create your own niche in the market. For this, it is important to build a diverse team of professionals. Outsourcing software development helps you add employees with varied expertise in the same team to improve the execution of your project. This leads to an ideal blend of ideas, opinions, and points of view while working on a development project. Whether you are outsourcing an entire project or adding outsourced developers to your in-house team, having diversity within your organization helps you get better results.

In-house employees often have several commitments apart from the development projects they work on. This often distracts them from their work, resulting in unwanted delays.

By outsourcing software development, the professionals have no other commitments apart from the project they are hired to work on. As they are not associated with your company for a longer period of time, outsourced software developers can focus completely on their tasks and deliver the projects on time.

While working with in-house employees, you need to train them from time to time in relevant skills and technologies. This often involves spending a fortune on hiring dedicated trainers and organizing training sessions for the employees.

Outsourcing software development prevents you from spending time and money behind getting the professionals trained. Developers working for a software development outsourcing company are often trained in the latest skills and technologies prevalent in the industry.

Looking from the perspective of hiring new developers, you can rarely get them started with the projects immediately. The employee onboarding process often takes up a few days before the newly hired developers can get to work.

On the contrary, hiring outsourced software developers allows them to get started as soon as they are on board. There are no unnecessary delays as the professionals are often well-versed with the tasks to be performed. All you need to do is give them a little brief and a green signal to get started!

Steps Involved In
Software Development Outsourcing


Initial Analysis

As you get in touch with us, we start by analyzing your specific business requirements. Based on the services you are looking for and the scope of your project, we provide you with a personalized proposal in sync with your budgetary needs.


Creating An Action Plan

Once we have your approval, our professionals would start charting out an extensive action plan for your project. If you are looking for full process software development, we would develop a dedicated project pipeline and take into account the objectives that you are willing to achieve through the concerned project. We will also help you identify the KPIs to focus on and set milestones to be achieved throughout the development project.

An outline of your project would provide you with the blueprint of the course of action to be taken and the steps to be followed to fulfill your requirements.


Negotiating SLA

Here, we chart out a service-level agreement with respect to your software development project. This would help you understand the level of services to expect from our professionals, the metrics to be used for measuring the results, and the penalties to be levied in case the pre-determined results are not obtained. SLA negotiation helps you resolve all your queries regarding our services and develops a relationship of transparency with our team members.


Delivery Of Services

Once the SLA is agreed upon and the contract is acknowledged, we would start working on your project right away. Based on the tasks to be performed and the approach to be followed, our professionals would carry out the research, development, and deployment of the software platform(s) to be built for your organization.

While we deliver our software development services, be rest assured that you will be updated about all the tasks undertaken and all the milestones crossed in real-time. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and eliminates the scope of any confusion.


Feedback And Reporting

Once your software development project is completed, we would ask for your honest and critical feedback. This helps us understand the efficiency of our services and make necessary improvements in our approach. We would also provide you with detailed reports about the results obtained using the metrics decided upon in the contract. We would officially end our services only when you are satisfied with the results and all the required changes are made to the software platform developed.

Why Choose Our Our Software Development Outsourcing Services?

Our team comprises of skilled software developers and IT professionals having years of experience in the industry. Our experts assist you throughout the development project and help you understand the complex aspects in an understandable manner. Once we are on board, you can feel free to reach out to our highly approachable team of professionals to get all your queries resolved.
We are as concerned about your budget as you are! Rest assured that our software development outsourcing services are priced at reasonable rates. Based on your specific requirements and preferences, we would chart out a plan that suits your budgetary needs.
When you outsource software development services to us, you can be rest assured that you would be kept in the loop throughout the course of the project. Right from ideation to execution, no decision would be taken without your consent.
All our professionals are trained in skills and technologies that are in sync with the market trends. Irrespective of the services you are looking for, we ensure that you stay ahead of the curve and carve your niche in the industry you belong to.
Throughout the course of your software development project, we provide our clients with personalized support. Whenever you reach out to us, we understand the context of the issues faced by you and provide you with a solution tailored just for you.
We believe that it is always important to be creative in your approach to stand out from the clutter. In the age of immense competition across all major industries, we focus on thinking out of the box. None of our team members go ahead with generic first thoughts and encourage critical thinking to come up with the best solution.
Based on the audience you are willing to cater to, the objectives you are willing to achieve, and the industry you belong to, we help you develop industry-specific development. Over the years, we have garnered the experience of working for clients belonging to multiple industries, especially Healthcare, eCommerce, and Logistics. Our software development services are designed to help you cater to your target audience in the best way possible.

As the trend of remote working is getting more prevalent, the importance of effective communication has increased significantly. From the moment you reach out to us, our team would stay in touch with you until the end of your project to guide you throughout the process. IntelliSource Technologies assures you that you will never encounter unwanted communication gaps!

Frequently Asked Questions

As opposed to hiring an in-house team, outsourcing your software development services provides you with greater flexibility and scalability. It allows you to cut down your expenses as you wouldn’t be required to pay fixed salaries to your employees on a regular basis. Also, getting contractors on board leads to a more focused approach to software development as they are not bound by any other commitments. The sole purpose of an outsourced team of developers is to deliver your project on time.
Yes, we ensure complete security and privacy of your business ideas and data. We work with a team of in-house software developers who are bound by a contract on being hired. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement with you before starting your project to ensure that your valuable business data is secure.

Software outsourcing models can be divided into two major categories on the basis of location and the relationship between the client and the company.

Software outsourcing models based on location include:

  • Onsite outsourcing
  • Offshore outsourcing
  • Onshore outsourcing
  • Multi-shore outsourcing
  • Nearshore outsourcing

Software outsourcing models based on the relationship between clients and service providers include:

  • Managed/Dedicated team
  • Staff augmentation
  • Project-based model
There is no fixed price for our software outsourcing services. Our services are priced based on the technologies to be used, the type of applications to be developed, the cooperation model chosen, and other factors. We would provide you with a personalized quote based on your specific requirements. Rest assured that we make offers that are in sync with the budgetary needs of our clients.

Yes, all our professionals employ technologies that are relevant and in sync with the ongoing trends. We help you stay ahead of the curve by developing custom software applications using the best and the latest technologies.

Here are some of the technologies we use in our services:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data
  • Machine learning
  • Data science
  • Internet of things
  • Computer vision
  • Blockchain

Moreover, our professionals are already trained in the latest technologies, saving you from conducting any training and development sessions before we get to work. As soon as we come on board, we would start working on your project without any unnecessary delays.

Absolutely! If you have already developed a software application and need to make relevant changes to the same, our professionals would help you do the same according to your requirements. Whether you need to conduct a website/app audit, test a software application, alter its UX/UI, or undertake quality assessment, we will handle your project and provide you with our expertise.

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