Software Testing And QA Services

Get your software tested using the best methodologies and assess its quality with our holistic software testing and QA services.

Before going ahead with deploying a software application, it is important to ensure that its performance, design, and functionality meets the desired standards and requirements. Our QA and software testing services are tailored to help you assess the efficiency of your software applications and provide them with the finishing touches before they are deployed successfully.

IntelliSource Technologies provides you with end-to-end software testing services that help you check the functionality, performance, reliability, and UX/UI of your software using advanced and relevant tools. With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is dedicated to catering to your specific business requirement with seamless software testing services. We aim to help you attain the desired results and get the traction you deserve by building powerful and scalable software applications.

The Difference Between QA And Software Testing

Before discussing our services, it is important to understand the difference between QA and software testing. Although both the processes are directed towards assessing the performance of software and focusing on enhancing product quality, there is a subtle difference between the two processes.

QA (quality assurance) refers to a set of activities that revolve around ensuring that the developed software meets all the pre-approved standards and specifications. QA deals with processes like identifying bugs, assessing methods and techniques of development, undertaking project analysis, and more.

On the other hand, software testing services revolve around exploring the developed application, checking the way it functions, and identifying potential defects in the same. While QA is a process-oriented service, software testing is more product-oriented. It can also be said that while quality assurance is undertaken to ensure the quality of software built, software testing is carried out to control the quality of the software built by employing the right corrective methods.

Take A Glimpse Of Our
One-time Testing Services

As your software testing services company, IntelliSource Technologies helps you undertake a single round of extensive checkups through our one-time testing services. Here, our professionals help you out with undertaking functional testing, localization testing, security testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, and more based on your needs and preferences.

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Types Of QA And
Software Testing Services

Why Choose Our QA And Software Testing Services?

IntelliSource Technologies comprises a team of experienced QA experts who understand the specific requirements of your project and help you make the right assessments. Right from our developers to Project Managers, every member of the team is highly approachable, allowing you to approach them in case of any queries, confusion, or doubts.

Rest assured that all our QA and software testing services are provided with the utmost transparency. We do not take any step without your consent and ensure that you are kept in the loop whenever a decision is made. Moreover, to ensure transparent reporting of our services, we provide you with all the required test documentation throughout the course of your project.
Our software experts test your software applications while ensuring the continuity of your business processes. Our team members are trained in a range of different domains that help them provide services based on the processes you are willing to streamline. You can be rest assured that your software development, deployment, and testing activities will not look out of sync.
We never intend to waste any time once coming on board and start with our services right away. All our professionals stick to the project timeline and ensure that the tasks are carried out on or before the pre-decided due date. Whether you are in need of long-term services or carry out a quick system check-up, we would provide you with time-bound services without compromising on quality.
To ensure that everyone is on the same page and maintain the homogeneity of your project, we work in close association with your development team. This allows our experts to test time-effectiveness, undertake seamless CI/CD pipeline integration, and implement risk-based testing effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our automated software testing services include:

  • Developing test automation strategy
  • Setting up and configuring the test environment
  • Generating test automation data
  • Undertaking API testing
  • Undertaking performance testing
  • Migrating test script from legacy frameworks
  • Implementing CI/CD pipeline

Our QA and software testing services are applicable for a range of software platforms, including:

  • Mobile applications
    Web applications
  • SaaS software platforms
  • Desktop applications
  • Enterprise software platforms
  • Data warehouses
  • Databases
  • Big data applications
  • IoT applications
  • Microservices-based software platforms

The KPIs considered by us for assessing our QA and testing services include:

  • Percentage of requirements handled by test cases
  • Average and total number of test cases created for your project
  • Total number of test cases executed successfully
  • Average and total number of test cases updated
  • Average and total number of defects and issues identified
  • The ratio between estimated and actual testing efforts (effort variance)
  • Number of issues reported by users of the concerned software
You can be rest assured that all your business data would be completely secure and private as we perform QA and software testing processes. All our services are provided by a team of in-house professionals who sign an NDA with us. Also, we would sign the same agreement with you before getting started with your process. Moreover, the QA and testing tools used by our team ensure total security of your business data and protect the same against data leaks, unauthorized access, and a range of other threats.
Yes, we provide database testing services that cover the entire data warehousing process and cloud based Cron monitoring. We help our clients ensure complete data accuracy and consistency at all times for making informed decisions. Our team of experts helps you undertake ETL testing and data warehouse testing based on your needs and preferences. We also implement an incremental software QA process to help you check data integrity, add new datasets to your system, identify data-driven issues before they get worse.
The cost of our QA and software testing services depends on multiple factors, including the type of software to be assessed, the type of services you are looking for, the tools and technologies to be used, and more. However, you can be rest assured that we would assess all your requirements and provide you with a personalized quote based on your budgetary needs. Our services are designed to help businesses operating at all scales and belonging to all major industries around the world. We make sure that you do not end up burning a hole in your pockets to avail yourself of our services.

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